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complete satisfaction

AAATruckwash leader in the truck wash industry,
we have been proudly serving the truckers for decades!.


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Our pride shows in
our quality workmanship

We take every measure to provide
the best possible truck wash.

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Fast Service

We wash carefully so your truck looks new for years,
try our services today!


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Quick Service

We promise that we will work hard.
to get you back on road ASAP.


Why AAA Truck Wash?

We pay the utmost attention to detail, you’ll leave here spotless we guarantee it!  No one will work harder to get you back on the road faster.  Our experienced staff will make sure your’re completely satisfied, with convenient locations throughout California, Texas and Missouri. We take pride in our workmanship.

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Please see below Links to login to our back office software. If you are our customer and don’t have your login information then please call us or send us a email at We will be happy to provide you with the needed information.

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Credit Application

If you are not washing your trucks with us already then we would like to get started now. Please fill the credit app and fax us. It will only take a few minutes, we promise!

Credit Application

Please fax the credit application to 800.671.5855. 

AAA Truck Wash Prices

Base Pricing

Prices May Vary At Locations
  • Tractor $35
  • Truck/Trailer $65
  • Trailer $30
  • Tanker $45
  • Pick Up $20
  • Trailer Washout $35
  • Wax $5-$10
  • RV’s $1.75 per foot

Get In Touch

Contact Details

AAATruckWash corporate office is located at the address below. Please feel free to contact us..!

11 W 15th Street
Merced, CA 95340

Phone: 1-800-405-WASH
FAX: 1-800-671-5855
Skype: aaa.truck.wash

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